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Sand, Shot & Vapor Blasting

Blast Cleaning usually referred to as sand and shot blasting.  It’s the process of cleaning different  materials including wood, stone, brick and metals by propelling an abrasive at the surface using compressed air.

Although still referred to as sandblasting we use a variety of environmentally friendly blast materials.  Sand is not used anymore as it has a high silicon dioxide, content also known as silica. but the term sandblasting has stuck.

The types of surfaces we can sandblast include Plant & Machinery, Classic car restoration, Fireplaces, Motorcycle frames, other steel structures, timber, brick and stone etc.

We also offer vapour blasting which is sometimes known as wet blasting or aqua blasting. Essentially it is a non-aggressive cleaning and re-finishing process for the removal of dirt & corrosion from non-ferrous metals & parts surfaces using a low pressure, but high volume water & round glass media mix.

The process allows for the removal of corrosion and dirt without damage to the parts surface tolerances.  This is just one of the major advantages of the use of vapour blasting over conventional media blasting methods when restoring & cleaning parts.

With metals such as Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Stainless steel, Titanium ​​​and Magnesium, vapour blasting is the best way to clean those  corroded or stained parts to an “As New” or often better than new condition.

​We provide a rapid turnaround on parts delivered for blasting. We can also arrange competitively priced collection & delivery of your items.  Ideally items should be stripped before sending. We will do this otherwise at further cost.

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